Third Asian Himalayas International Conference on Internet AH-ICI2012
The Next Generation of Mobile, Wireless and Optical Communications Networks
Mobility, Home-consumer Communications and Health Networking, Electronic Commerce -Mobile Payment, Broadband access -Satellites

23th, 24th and 25th of November, 2012
Institute of Engineering IOE, Kathmandu, Nepal

Conference Venue

Conference Venue @ Institute of Engineering

Institute of Engineering IOE, Kathmandu, Nepal

The AH-ICI2012 conference tutorials and conference location address for 23rd, 24th and 25th of November is at:

Dept. of Electronics and Computer Engineering (DOECE),
Block B,
Institute of Engineering,
Pulchowk Campus, Pulchowk, Nepal.
Phone: 977-1-5534070

The Institute of Engineering (IOE), founded in 1930 AD. (1987/11/19 BS), is the first technical school of Nepal. It was reformed in the present shape in 1972 as an organ of TU. This institute has been producing outstanding engineering technicians and engineers for more than 80 years. The IOE has been intensifying the tradition of excellence every passing year. It is also becoming more and more responsive to the ever changing needs of the students and the engineering profession. Significant growth is taking place in the expansion of academic programs of the Institute. Besides producing low and tertiary level technicians, IOE runs professional Diplomas, under graduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs now. The alumni spread across all continents are employed in the engineering profession of wider disciplines. The institute does have four constituent and ten affiliated campuses in the country.