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Communications and Information Agency of Republic of Uzbekistan, to be announced

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Khodjaev A.A., Vice and Director General of Communication and Information Agency of Republic of Uzbekistan

Professor Kasimov Sodikjon Sobirovich, TUIT Rector
Professor Aripov Khajrula Kobilovich, TUIT Vice-Rector
Professor Rifat Ibraimov, TUIT, Uzbekistan

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Keynote Speeches

Topic: Fighting Intrusions in Wireless LANs: A Need for the Reference Model
Speaker: Professor Algirdas Pakštas

ABSTRACT: Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) are different from the traditional wired LANs in terms of their potential threats, vulnerability and security techniques. The traditional mechanisms of protecting networks with firewalls and encryption software as it is done in the wired networks are no longer sufficient and effective in WLANs. This presentation is focusing on the analysis of the existing Intrusion Handling Systems (IHSs) for WLANs and proposing ways to enhance their design. Currently there is no standardized reference model to help to design, compare and evaluate the existing and future IHSs for WLANs. Hence this keynote speech focuses on development of such a novel reference model.

Speaker’s BIOGRAPHY: Professor Algirdas Pakštas received his M.Sc. in Radio-physics and Electronics in 1980 from the Irkutsk State University, Ph.D. in Systems Programming in 1987 from the Institute of Control Sciences, Moscow, Russia. He started research career as Software Engineer at the Institute of Solar Terrestrial Physics in Irkutsk. His research interests initially developed in the area of use of distributed computing systems for automation of the research processes involving complex scientific instruments. Currently he is with the London Metropolitan University, Department of Computing, Communications Technology and Mathematics where he is a head of the Communications, Software and Systems Engineering Research Centre (CSSERC). His current research interests can be broadly described as Communications Software Engineering what includes various aspects of communications software architecture and design as well as tools for analysis, design and simulation of computer networks and multimedia communications. He is teaching courses “Network Planning and Management” and “Research Methods and Project Preparation”. Dr. Algirdas is active in the following IEEE Communications Society Technical Committees: TC on Communications Software (Chair), TC on Multimedia Communications (past vice-Chair), and TC on Enterprise Networking (past vice-Chair). He is currently TC CLUSTER Chair for "Communications Software and Services". He is also actively involved into organizing of many IEEE Communications Society conferences. He has published 3 research monographs and more than 150 other publications. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, Member of the ACM and Member of the New York Academy of Sciences. He is currently on the Editorial Boards of the ‘IEEE Communications Magazine”, “Cybernetics and Systems Analysis” journal, “Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences” and “Computer Science and Information Systems” journal.


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